Cloud Anti-Virus & Anti-Spam

  • Simple to implement and immediately effective
  • Cloud based - save valuable bandwidth and server CPU. Emergency mail queuing on demand.
  • Full Active Directory integration. Also supports Samba, IMAP Auth, database auth.
  • Supports all mail servers including Microsfot Exchange, Zimbra, SOGo, Zarafa and more.
  • Pay only for valid accounts - not aliases.

Professional Services & Workflow

We love USING technology. We'll work with you to plan and re-engineer your
services strategy and then work with you to fully adopt it.

Don't just buy the dream of the technology - realise it.

Turnkey Cloud Orchestration for Enterprise Software

Channel efficiency low? Need to sell more licences? Distributors struggling to add value?
The average time for operators to launch new services is 18-24 months
Launch private cloud enterprise software using our turnkey VAS platform in record time

Business Development & Back Office Services

Expanding overseas?
Don't hire a single person with a mobile - get a complete team, with
insightful market analysis, weekly reports and true regional presence.

Enterprise Email & Collaboration

Open source server and client software for email,
group calendering, contacts, and web document
management and authorting.

Featured Products

Powerful cloud based spam, virus and malware filtering solution for business.
Enterprise-class email, calendar and collaboration solution - built for the cloud.
Your content. Connected in the cloud. Ready to go social. Ready to go anywhere.